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Food Label Compliance

The US Code of Federal Regulations dictates what you can and can’t say on your labels. There are mandatory declarations that must be made in very specific locations on a food label to ensure FDA compliance. Most of these declarations have minimum type size requirements, some of which vary with the size of the container or the size of the front panel.

  • Nutrient claims such as “Sugar Free”, “Low Fat”, and “Reduced Calorie”, are only allowed under certain circumstances.
  • Nutrition Facts panels vary in their mandatory size, information, and orientation requirements based on package size and number of nutrients present. On smaller labels, compliance can be very challenging. We provide panels based on the changes finalized by FDA in 2016.
  • Allergens must be properly declared in addition to the ingredients statement.
  • Organic food products must be labeled in compliance with the National Organic Program with varying requirements depending on the amount of organic ingredients used.
  • Importers of packaged foods should confirm that all ingredients used are allowed in the US and are identified by the name most commonly used in this country.